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​For an employer seeking to find the right person for an opening, People-Capital is the recruitment firm with the experience of having walked in your shoes. As a vice president of a top food manufacturing company, People-Capital founder, Bob Lyman, helped find and hire a team that expanded the company’s capabilities and doubled its sales in seven years. His insight on the time and care it takes to find the right employee for a company’s needs and culture is guided by exactly the same perspective as yours.

That’s why, when People-Capital presents a candidate for your open position, you can be sure he or she meets your needs — not just for skill set and experience, but also for cultural fit, attitude and other intangibles. In other words, we’ll never present a candidate as some illusionary show of “progress.” Which is to say, we understand the importance of making the right hire and the costly pitfalls of a bad hire. Moreover, we have an informed appreciation for your time and its value to performing the other duties related to your work.

You deserve that consideration and your open position deserves that scrutiny.

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